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A few weeks ago I wrote about how I appreciated the fact that the players that have achieved 50 Major League Rugby caps are receiving the praise that they deserve.

I was reminded of that again this past weekend when Nick Boyer of the Houston SaberCats became the sixth player in MLR history to achieve 50 caps.

I got to know Boyer a little bit when he played for the Colorado Raptors in 2020, and I’m glad to see him get recognized for it.

He’s bounced around the league quite a bit. He spent his first two seasons with the San Diego Legion before signing on with the Raptors for the 2020 season. When the Raptors withdrew from the MLR, Boyer was scooped up by the Los Angeles Giltinis in the expansion draft but was traded to the Houston SaberCats ahead of the 2021 season. He re-upped with Houston ahead of the 2022 season and has seemed to have found a home with the SaberCats.

The thing that I admire about Boyer – and the other five players that have achieved the 50 cap milestone – is that they keep pushing on. How easy would it be to just stop? I’m sure the thought crossed Boyer’s mind when he was moving from California to Colorado, back to California, and then to Texas. It would be different if he was making all of those moves to for millions of dollars, but that’s not the case.

They obviously do it because it’s what they love to do, but I want to remind people at every intersection that if rugby continues to grow in this country, it’s because of people like Nick Boyer.

Now let’s get into the Grab Bag!

Return of the King

The L.A. Giltinis’ slow start is history at this point. They’ve knocked off whatever rust existed from their championship run last season, and have been putting it on teams as of late.

Over the course of the last month, the Giltinis have outscored their opponents 147-32. They just beat Rugby New York – a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference – 43-0. That match also served as the first time that New York had ever been shut out.

They’ve moved into second place in the Western Conference and only seem to be picking up steam as the season winds down.

Try of the Week

This try was awesome. It had everything that makes a great rugby play. Offload, Hard step, kick and chase, for a long try.

Hit of the Week

The season may be halfway over, but the hits are still coming in bunches.

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