2019 NHL Draft Central

Prospect Video Series

Alex Turcotte
Kirby Dach
Matthew Boldy


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Mock Drafts

Post-Lottery Mock Draft
Mock Draft 2.0 – Avs look long-term


Get to know Byram Bowen, the NHL Draft’s best defenseman
Analyzing which players are being over and underrated in the NHL Draft
This American player could change the landscape of the NHL draft 



Boldy, Matthew (Top 10)

Brink, Bobby (First Round)

Caufield, Cole (First Round)

Cozens, Dylan (Top 10)

Dach, Kirby (Top 10)

Hughes, Jack (Top Two)

Kaliyev, Arthur (First Round)

Krebs, Peyton (Top 10)

Lavoie, Raphael (First Round)

Newhook, Alex (First Round)

Suzuki, Ryan (First Round)

Tomasino, Philip (First Round)

Turcotte, Alex (Top Five)

Zegras, Trevor (Top 10)


Bjornfot, Tobias (Second Round)

Broberg, Philip (First Round)

Byram, Bowen (Top Five)

Harley, Thomas (First Round)

Heinola, Ville (First Round)

Honka, Anttoni (Second-Third Round)

Johnson, Ryan (First Round)

Seider, Moritz (First Round)

Soderstrom, Victor (First Round)

Thomson, Lassi (First-Second Round)

York, Cameron (First Round)