From 2012-15, Dejan Milojevic was Nikola Jokic’s coach at Mega Basket, the professional club in Serbia that the NBA’s reigning MVP played for before arriving in Denver. Now, Milojevic is an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors but still maintains a strong relationship with his most successful former player.

Milojevic had a major impact on Jokic’s basketball upbringing and is one of Jokic’s role models. Some of the reads and passes Jokic makes today were originally taught to him by Milojevic, a Serbian legend himself and three-time Adriatic League MVP who helped Yugoslavia win gold at EuroBasket 2001.

I caught up with Milojevic before the Nuggets hosted the Warriors on Monday night.

Harrison Wind: I’m guessing you watched his 46-point game against the Pelicans last night.

Dejan Milojevic: Every season I think that he can’t play better and he proves me wrong. So I’m really happy that every season he’s improving and maturing. All I can say is I’m enjoying watching him play.

HW: Is there a game of his that comes to mind that you think was his most dominant?

DM: History has taught me that his best game is still to come. I really think that now every segment of his talent has improved. He’s dominating the floor. We all try from other teams to stop him, and nobody’s done that successfully this season. I’m really proud of him.

HW: Take me back to 2012. What were some of your earliest memories of Nikola?

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Harrison Wind is the Denver Nuggets beat reporter for DNVR Nuggets. Hear him every day on the DNVR Nuggets Podcast. Follow Harrison on Twitter - @HarrisonWind